About Parfé

«French perfumes may be confidently compared to the art masterpieces ... They appeal, fascinate and entice, just as the great artists' canvasses do. People dream of them and admire them sincerely.

However, until quite recently purchasing a real LUX-quality French perfume was next to impossible. Only a select few could afford the pinnacles of perfumery mastership.

We decided to change the situation around, and are offering quality elegant French products at a reasonable price.»

Maison Parfe

The history of the brand began in the southeast of France
in the perfume capital of the world – the renowned town of Grasse.

Since 1971, the company possesses one of the best factories for essential oils production in the region and plantations all over the world, where organic plants are grown and then delivered to Grasse for distillation. Passionate about natural ingredients and aromas, the producers decided to create their own line of alcohol-free perfumes.

They use their own raw materials and are able to produce high quality perfumes at a proprietary plant, using the advantage of cutting production costs and having the production control from all stages. That is why Parfe scents are more affordable than perfumes and essences created by well known perfume brands.

For the collection of the first Parfe collection, the company invited talented master perfumers

Parfe has succeeded in offering exclusive fragrances at
affordable prices to all French perfume connoisseurs.

Exclusive natural ingredients
We grow organic plants on our own plantations that are located around the world. And only the select few are delivered to the plant for distillation: Vanilla from the island of Madagascar, patchouli from Indonesia, rosemary from the kingdom of Morocco, citrus fruits from Italy, royal rose from Turkey, ylang-ylang from the Comoro Islands, geranium from Egypt, etc.

We carefully produce and elaborately prepare raw materials, which, as they form the base of Parfe scents, retain the unique qualities of botanical ingredients.

Owing to this approach, we had become one of the few brands that GUARANTEES quality control of the crafted perfume during each stage – from cultivating the components to bringing the finished product to the end customers.