Parfe do not contain alcohol or water

Just 10 ml. of our fragrance are equivalent to 100 ml. of perfume, which contains 85% alcohol and evaporates quickly, failing to stay on the skin.

That is why each of Parfe's compositions means GREAT savings of your favorite scent and absolute safety for human health*.

* It is a scientific fact that alcohol as a perfume formulation component negatively affects the skin and state of human health.


Compact size

the perfume comes in a 10-ml. size, it fits easily into the smallest handbag, and you can always take it along to work, on a trip or to an event.

Roll-on bottle

convenience and EXTREMELY economic on-skin application allows to use this perfume discreetly under any circumstances (unlike spray-on perfumes)

А rich fragrance palette

20 different scents for EVERY occasion and event

Positive effect of Parfe fragrances

Incredibly tenacious roll-on perfumes allow their wearers to enjoy the refined aroma for the entire day, while discreetly affecting their emotional state in the most positive way. This effect is created by the presence of 100% natural essential oils, undiluted with alcohol or water, whose special properties have been known to humankind since ancient times.

Parfe essences are capable of positively affecting the mood and the way a person is perceived by others. Certain fragrances are potent aphrodisiacs, others allow to concentrate on a certain task at a specific moment, still others endow with self-confidence.

Parfe scents make: A pleasant gift for loved ones, friends or colleagues

A collection of scents for every taste and mood.